Les Vins Pirouettes
The collective of natural wines in Alsace

The Les Vins Pirouettes label brings together about fifteen independent Alsatian winegrowers committed to organic farming or a biodynamic approach.
Each winemaker grows the grapes on his land and vinifies the wine in his cellar. The label is a guarantee of quality, social ties, know-how and the preservation of nature.

The artisans selected by Les Vins Pirouettes are professionals and wine lovers who do not hesitate to think outside the box for a rare, creative, and innovative result. We bottle beautiful Alsatian terroirs and we are Ecocert certified.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Creative countrymen

Les Vins Pirouettes are artists’ wines.
Assisted in marketing and winemaking by the rest of the Vins Pirouettes team, the label’s winegrowers are dedicated to what they love and know how to do best: working with vines and grapes. Everyone thus lets his sensitivity express himself through the vinification of his wine.
Bottled, the wine carries the touch of its master and becomes a true masterpiece.

The 20 partner estates of Les Vins Pirouettes cultivate their vines from the north to the south of Alsace.
The nature of the soils influences the characteristics of the grape varieties and makes each vintage a unique result. Each wine ages in the cellar of its winemaker and will bring out with finesse the specificities of the terroir.

Alsatian terroirs

Les Vins Pirouettes are combined in the plural with a multitude of terroirs, flavors and aromas. Alsace is also recognized throughout the world as the region with the greatest diversity of terroirs: granite, sandstone, limestone …
The collective brings together about thirty Alsatian cuvées. Among them, the grape varieties that have made alsace wines famous: Gewurztraminer, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Muscat, Sylvaner, Riesling

Reasonable volumes

The production of natural wine can only take place in small quantities to preserve the quality of the final product.
The grouping of Alsatian winegrowers under the brand Les Vins Pirouettes allows, despite the limited production of each estate, to meet the growing demand of the market and to guarantee prices and supply.

Natural wines

Working with wines in nature means above all respecting the soil and the fruit, to get back to basics. This requires a lot of time and a very detailed knowledge of viticulture and winemaking. Natural wine is obtained from wines exclusively from organic farming.

No inputs and harvested by hand

The grapes that become natural wines come from organic farming. The harvest is carried out by hand to preserve the bunches. The grape juice then ferments thanks to the yeasts naturally present in the fruit. The majority of Pirouettes Wines are guaranteed without added inputs or infiltration.

Assertive characters

The producers of Les Vins Pirouettes are committed to letting the living character of the wine work. Natural vinification takes time and leads to a long and calm transformation.
Each wine then expresses its own unique identity. It becomes a wine with an assumed, changing, joyful character.
The range of Pirouettes Wines is rich in all these singularities.


The patience of the artisan winemaker is rewarded.
Les Vins Pirouettes reveal sincere and unique flavours.
They shake up the codes and reveal the specificities of the terroirs where the bunches have grown.
They are natural wines, worked in an ancestral way, some of which become very wise wines and others amazing beverages.

Praise of time

Two ingredients are scattered in Les Vins Pirouettes: grapes and time.
Les Vins Pirouettes are ready to be tasted when they choose it, after their harvest in the Alsatian vineyards. This time allows the wines to evolve at their own pace and develop exceptional flavors.
The winegrowers of the collective make the choice to let themselves be guided by the wine and not the other way around.

Funny name!

logo les vins pirouettes

Les Vins Pirouettes is at the same time:

A joyful and creative team that since 2009 has been promoting Natural Alsatian wines full of surprises

A professional group that produces and markets quality wines around the world.

The challenge of the label is to succeed in developing wines that are both rustic and noble, allowing the creativity of each terroir and each winemaker who cultivates it to be expressed.

A network of qualified professionals

About fifteen passionate winegrowers, oenologists and a sales team specialized in wine make up the Les Vins Pirouettes collective.
This pooling secures supply and prices, both for the buyer and the producer. The Vins Pirouettes team takes care of the administrative and commercial part, leaving the winegrowers to refocus on their core business: the work of the vine and the follow-up in the cellar.

Les Vins Pirouettes turned towards export

The challenge is to make the very targeted expectations of some buyers, especially foreigners, coincide with the voluntarily restricted productions of carefully chosen Alsatian estates.
It is a goldsmith’s work carried out by several: the peasants in their vineyards, the export sales representative at trade shows and the oenologists during the winemaking.

Fair prices for the buyer and the producer

The rates charged are determined at the fairest price for the buyer and remunerate the winemaker at the level of the work provided, his production capacity and the time devoted to the elaboration of his wines.

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